1. Home, let me come home 🎶 #badtypography


  2. Woah! Look what arrived in the mail today from Katherine! 😍


  3. Egg beaters!!!


  4. New Ongky Wongky Logo and Header


    > Used Adobe Illustrator (Good bye Photoshop!)

    > Fixed character kerning

    > Made a new avatar (It’s now a real monkey!!!)


  5. Flashback Friday: Rainy Days, Warm Hearts and Sweatpants (made the playlist and this illustration almost a year ago) You may DOWNLOAD THE PLAYLIST from the Mixes tab on deaflovesmute.tumblr.com 😄


  6. Flashback Friday: #tropicalfruits for Hey Kessy’s Mail Swap


  7. I miss ETC DGs and GAs. I miss discourse.



  9. AntiTeasis 📚☕️


  10. Books and brews 👍


  11. Georgia ka ba? #typography


  12. Freehand + digital typography #parasabayan


  13. 😉


  14. Ed Sheeran’s new album (2014) — Multiply

    (Source: Spotify)


  15. Very much enjoyed this do-it-yourself doodler✏️

    (Photo from Works of Heart)